1. Each advanced student must collect three cards and each general student two library cards from the librarian and preserve them carefully. Library cards are necessary to get books from the library. Library cards are not transferable. A student cannot use the library card of another student. Books cannot be issued against the card of another student.

2.A student of advanced course may take one text book for home study at home for two weeks and one reference book for one week.

3.A student of general course may take one book for study at home for two weeks.

4.Each student may study at the reading room of the library during college hours. On requisition he or she will be given one book against his / her ‘Reading Room Card’

5.Keeping silence in the library, maintaining discipline and co-operation with the library staff are highly desirable of the students.

6.If it is not demanded by any other student, a book may be borrowed for home for the second time.

7. Library books are assets of the college. So students must take care of the library books. At the time of return of a book if it is seen that any page of the book is missing or is found to be mutilated in any way, the last borrower will be responsible for that misdeed. In that case he / she is bound to compensate for the loss by purchasing a new book of the same title or by paying the present price money of the book. To avoid embarrassment, student must examine the books at the time of borrowing and if any damage is found, it must be brought to the notice of the librarian.

8.Library Cards must be returned at the end of the academic session. Before filling up the forms for the final examination, clearance certificate must be collected from the librarian. Without the library clearance certificate, forms will not be issued to the student.

9.Rs. 10/- will be charged as fine for each week, if a book is not returned on or before the due date.