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Annual Social is on 11/03/2023

Basanta Utsab will be celebrated on 16/03/2023

Annual Sports 2023 will be on 17/03/2023

Classes of Semester II, IV and VI will commence on and from 13/03/2023 and that of B.Com Semester II will commence from 20/03/23

International Matri Bhasha Diwas and Basanta Panchami 2023 will be celebrated on 21/02/2023 

Students' Week Observation from 02/01/2023 to 07/01/2023

NAAC: Institutional Assessment and Accreditation : (Cycle 2 ): Grade A

NAAC PEER TEAM VISIT DATE WAS ON : 30-11-2022 & 01-12-2022


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The infrastructural facilities available on campus are among the very best that is available this far from the metropolitan area. The entirety of the college campus amounts to a huge 327 acres and the faculty buildings are located amid the serene and verdant plantations of Mahua, Sal and Piasal – offering an ideal ambience for higher education which is never disengaged from greenery and environmental awareness. The college campus is equipped with almost everything that students are likely to require while pursuing their studies. The institution has adequate physical infrastructure (land and building), consisting of class rooms, seminar rooms, individual departmental cubicles, laboratories, library, computer laboratory, hostel, canteen, play grounds, separate common rooms for boys and girls, indoor games facility and gymnasium. The college also offers free wi-fi network to each department to aid both the teachers and the advanced students.  

Laboratories- The College has separate laboratories for all subjects that require practical lessons, i.e. Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Geography. These laboratories are well equipped to meet the requirements of teaching and learning as per the syllabus.

Library- The central library of the college has a well-stocked collection of books and journals related to different subjects. The visitor is advised to refer to the library tab under the main menu to procure detailed information about the library.

NSS- The college has an active National Social Service unit.  The students associated with this unit offer voluntary service towards creating a campus-community linkage.

NCC- The college has an active National Cadet Corps unit affiliated to the 33 Bengal BN. The NCC programme of the college is characterized by enthusiastic participation on the students’ part and both boy and girl cadets painstakingly follow the NCC training schedule regularly under the supervision of the concerned personnel-in-charge. 

History of the college

Walking the trail……

About the College:

When Sundarban Mahavidyalaya was established on 4th August 1965, it was a landmark event for many thousands of students and parents of the Sundarbans and beyond, as the absence of a college in this vast area meant that the dreams of higher education and improved economic conditions were a remote possibility for most children studying in the numerous schools dotting the Sundarban area.

The generous donations of land and money from a group of dedicated people and the moral and emotional support of the people of the Sundarbans and surrounding areas enabled the establishment of this College. It is a collective vision that galvanized the growth of this institution and inspired its staff and governing body to overcome every hurdle, whether economic, geographic or social. It received affiliation with the University of Calcutta and was subsequently recognized by the University Grants Commission.Sundarban Mahavidyalaya began its journey teaching the Bachelors Degree Program for Arts subjects under the aegis of the University of Calcutta.

Over the years, with expansion in infrastructure and space with grants from the UGC, Zilla Parishad and the MPLAD, the scope of programmes offered by the College improved and options and opportunities increased for the students here.

Students can now pursue Honours in all the subjects offered by the Arts, Science and Commerce Departments at our institution. At the same time General Degree Courses are also offered, so that students may be able to choose programmes appropriate to their predilection and career plans.

The motto of this college derives from the clarion call, “Arise , awake…stop not till the goal is reached.” It is our vision to provide the possibility of higher education to the widest cross section of people,





Kakdwip * South 24 Parganas * West Bengal
Contact No.: (03210) 255057
Email: sundaram1965@gmail.com


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