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Annual Social is on 11/03/2023

Basanta Utsab will be celebrated on 16/03/2023

Annual Sports 2023 will be on 17/03/2023

Classes of Semester II, IV and VI will commence on and from 13/03/2023 and that of B.Com Semester II will commence from 20/03/23

International Matri Bhasha Diwas and Basanta Panchami 2023 will be celebrated on 21/02/2023 

Students' Week Observation from 02/01/2023 to 07/01/2023

NAAC: Institutional Assessment and Accreditation : (Cycle 2 ): Grade A

NAAC PEER TEAM VISIT DATE WAS ON : 30-11-2022 & 01-12-2022


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Institutional Distinctiveness

Introduction:The location and demographic reality of this college have traditionally functioned as an unfortunate bottleneck in terms of students or academic administrators being able to come up with something that might serve as a unique identifier for the institution. As a way of negotiating this shortcoming, the college has carefully listened to what a considerable number of students from a rural, peripheral background want and could possibly excel in, and has launched a degree course on Physical Education. This course, among other syllabus-oriented activities relating to outdoor as well as indoor games, has allocated particular importance to the practice of Yoga, both in terms of its rich corpus of theory and practice.  Among a diversity of ethno-cultural gifts that the Indian civilization has to offer to the world, Yoga is one of the most preeminent and widely-appreciated cultural markers and we consider it as incumbent upon us to educate and train our future generations about the sheer significance of this cultural wealth. We have, therefore, configured our course on Physical Education in such a manner that it actively encourages and instructs students about Yoga and its myriad applicability in regulate life of the students.


Objectives: This programme of sensitizing students on Yoga and its practical usages has been conceived with the following objectives:

  1. To make students aware of rich ethno-cultural heritage of our great nation- a tradition that goes back for millennia.
  2. To make students aware of the enormous physiological advantages incurred on the body of the individual through regular practice of Yoga- something that might help them overcome sickness and different physiological complications with relative ease.
  3. To make students aware of the enormous psychological advantages wrought by Yoga and related practices as mental health and associated well-being is never estranged from physical well-being.
  4. To inculcate a healthy practice among students that has enormous benefits not only for the body but also for the mind – something that can play a crucial role during the formative years of the students.
  5. To help the students formulate strong and effective mental practices that augments concentration and eventually transcends the requirements of the academia.
  6. To let the parents know about all the above, along with the fact that their wards could excel in something beyond academia, and the fact that this institution is concerned with a rounded, inclusive development.
  7. To help the students with their self-esteem.
  8. To help the students prepare for the more responsible, confused, hectic and undisciplined life ahead, after the student life is over.

Practice: The Collegeprides itself in its course on Physical Education which has been responsible for stellar performances in the inter-college as well as university levels when it comes to Yoga and related activities. Emphasis on Yoga has considerably augmented our performances in other sports activities as well, and that is quite surprising. The college observes the International Yoga Day each year, as a way of spreading awareness about Yoga. In this programme students from adjoining schools are also invited to participate so that this awareness-initiative could be more effective. Every cultural celebration and event in our college does feature a specific segment that is dedicated to solo or group performances of Yoga and this practice has received widespread acclaim. The college has equipped the Department of Physical Education with Yoga mats and other required items, specific slots have been allocated in the routine for Yoga related physical practices.

Outcomes: Our ambitious initiatives regarding Yoga have had the following outcomes:

  1. Students are far more interested about Yoga and related practices.
  2. More students have applied for the degree course on Physical Education to know about Yoga.
  3. Students from our institution have represented us not only at the university level, but the national level, and such an unimaginable achievement from a peripherally located region such as ours has made us absolutely proud.
  4. Those who practice Yoga have turned out to be more disciplined, well-behaved and observant of the institutional codes of conduct.
  5. Our institution is acknowledged as a focal point for learning as well as practice of this ancient art and our students who have already made a name for themselves are invited to cultural programmes for Yoga related performances.
  6. It is our goal to take this even further and makes our institution a recognized place in this region, widely accredited for Yoga-related practices and activities in all possible manifestations.

History of the college

Walking the trail……

About the College:

When Sundarban Mahavidyalaya was established on 4th August 1965, it was a landmark event for many thousands of students and parents of the Sundarbans and beyond, as the absence of a college in this vast area meant that the dreams of higher education and improved economic conditions were a remote possibility for most children studying in the numerous schools dotting the Sundarban area.

The generous donations of land and money from a group of dedicated people and the moral and emotional support of the people of the Sundarbans and surrounding areas enabled the establishment of this College. It is a collective vision that galvanized the growth of this institution and inspired its staff and governing body to overcome every hurdle, whether economic, geographic or social. It received affiliation with the University of Calcutta and was subsequently recognized by the University Grants Commission.Sundarban Mahavidyalaya began its journey teaching the Bachelors Degree Program for Arts subjects under the aegis of the University of Calcutta.

Over the years, with expansion in infrastructure and space with grants from the UGC, Zilla Parishad and the MPLAD, the scope of programmes offered by the College improved and options and opportunities increased for the students here.

Students can now pursue Honours in all the subjects offered by the Arts, Science and Commerce Departments at our institution. At the same time General Degree Courses are also offered, so that students may be able to choose programmes appropriate to their predilection and career plans.

The motto of this college derives from the clarion call, “Arise , awake…stop not till the goal is reached.” It is our vision to provide the possibility of higher education to the widest cross section of people,





Kakdwip * South 24 Parganas * West Bengal
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