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Dr. Arunima Roychoudhuri

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Prof. Manas Das


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Dr. Mrityunjay Pramanik


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Faijun Aktar

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Department of History 

The Department of History began its journey in 1965 with a small number of students having a dream in eyes to become a centre of excellence. Presently it is one of the biggest departments of the Sundarban Mahavidyalaya, having thousands of students or better to say blooming historians. The department provides B.A. Honours and General Degree programmes affiliated to the University of Calcutta. The department always tries to motivate its students for higher studies so that they can make us proud by establishing themselves in the society. Apart from taking regular classes the Department organises regular tutorial classes for the betterment of weaker students along with problem solving classes for advance learners. The department conducts class tests at regular intervals to maintain its academic standards. Lastly and the most important thing is that, the department maintains a healthy familiar relationship with its students.   

Our Vision

The Department of History will be nationally and internationally recognized for educating undergraduate history majors about the importance of understanding the past in any society, and for teaching them critical, analytical and research skills applicable to numerous potential career paths. The department also will be nationally and internationally recognized for training graduate students and producing future master's and Ph.D. graduates in history who, along with the faculty in the department, will produce new, innovative and meaningful historical knowledge that contributes to the popular and scholarly understanding of the past. 

Our Mission

The missions of the Department of History are to offer excellent B.A. (Hons.), B.A. (Gen) and Under Graduate Add on programs. These programs will prepare students for careers that involve research, synthesis and analysis; as teachers and archivists; and for admission to Post Graduate Institutions or professional schools. The department is dedicated to providing a quality education to the underprivileged residents of remote Sundarban area. 

Our Goal

H - Harmonious relation between Teachers & Learners

I - Independence is achieved in both teachers and the learners.

S - Success is the key motivation for both teachers & learners.

T - Teamwork culture.

O - Open to innovative ideas.

R - Responsibility to delegated in order to empower ourselves.

Y - Yearly self evaluation for a consistent drive forward. 

Best Practices

Teaching Learning

Policy for Teaching-Learning 

The Department believes in 3Ps Policy for the teachers and learners both:

P – Planning

P – Preparation

P – Performance 

Teachers plan their lessons at the beginning of each semester and put that tentative Teaching Plans in the E-Shikshak LMS portal. It helps the teachers as well as the learners to be mentally prepared for the lessons. 

According to Teaching Plan the lessons are delivered inside the classroom. Regarding deliverance of lesson we believe that the Teaching-Learning is not an one way traffic – so teachers should try to share his/her ideas of different topics with the learners and inspire them to think about the topic as well as share their ideas in the same platform as well. 


Our Programmes 

The Department of History provides the following Under Graduate Programmes:

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.)

Bachelor of Arts (Gen.)

Add on Certificate Course on Indian Historical Thought

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Degree Programme is affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Thus the Department follows the University prescribed Curriculum and Evaluation Process. After completion of the programme, the successful candidates get BA (Hons.) Degree provided by the University of Calcutta. 

The Bachelor of Arts (Gen.) Degree Programme is also affiliated to the University of Calcutta and the Department strictly follows the University prescribed Curriculum and Evaluation Process. After completion of the programme, the successful candidates get BA (Gen.) Degree provided by the University of Calcutta. 


Capacity Building

Academic Activities

Certificate Courses

Add on Programme on Indian Historical Thought

Affiliated to Sundarban Mahavidyalaya

About the Course: The course is intended to develop basic concepts on Indian Historical thought and Indian historiography. The course is divided into 24 units. The course starts with a general introduction on Indian concept of Itihasa and its difference with western concept of History. It includes various interpretations and recent trends in Indian historiography. The course is designed with flexibility and quality content.

Course Coordinator: Dr. Arunima Roychoudhuri, Assistant Professor in History, Sundarban Mahavidyalaya.   

Duration of the Course: 24 weeks

Engagement Time: One hour/Week

Medium of Instruction: English/Bengali

Course Fee: Free

Target Group: Anyone interested in history and our heritage is free to participate in this course. An Internet connection and basic web browsing skills are recommended. 

Certification: Requires minimum 70% in Graded Assessments and participation in at least weekly quizzes. Certificate will be issued by the Sundarban Mahavidyalaya.

Course Objectives:

1. To develop the learners’ conceptual and practical understanding on Indian historiography.

2. To develop learners’ analytical skill on historical thought.

3. To pace the path for further studies on Indian historiography as well as pursue a career in competitive examinations.

Programme Outcomes: The learners will

1. Obtain a conceptual knowledge on Indian historiography.

2. Obtain a general understanding on recent trends in Indian historiography.

3. Be highly benefited if pursuing competitive examinations.


Course Structure of Add on Course on Indian Historical Thought

Module I: Ancient Indian Historical Thought - 2 credits 

Unit 1: History and Itihasa 

Unit 2: Ancient Indian Historians 

Module II: Modern Views on Ancient India - 2 credits 

Unit 3: Orientalist View 

Unit 4: Marxist View 

Module III: Modern View on Early Medieval as a Historical Period - 2 credits 

Unit 5: Periodization Debate 

Unit 6: Feudalisation Debate 

Module IV: History During Medieval Period- 2 credits 

Unit 7: Persian & Non Persian Sources 

Unit 8: Court Historians 

Module V: Historical Thought in Modern Period - 4 credits 

Unit 9: Imperialist View 

Unit 10: Nationalist View 

Unit 11: Marxist View 

Unit 12: Subaltern View 

Module VI: Recent Trends in Indian Historiography- 3 credits 

Unit 13: Feminist View 

Unit 14: Regional History 

Unit 15: Partition Historiography



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