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Diganta Bhattacharya

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Ratan Dey

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Dr. Arif Mahammad Chaprasi


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Sayan Mukherjee

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Since the inception of the college, the Department of English has been operative, although it was only in the 90’s that the college started an Honours programme. Since the college is affiliated to the University of Calcutta, the department follows and implements the syllabus that the university has determined for its undergraduate colleges. The department has been blessed with a steady inflow of efficient and capable teachers since the very beginning, and has continued to receive sincere love and trust from its students as well as their guardians. The department understands the unique set of problems that students belonging to this area have to negotiate on a daily basis, and has consistently taken a sympathetic approach to a plethora of complications attendant upon English language and its advanced study, especially when attempted by boys and girls who are either first generation learners or have learned English as a second language. 

The department has a smart class, equipped with a projector and the department offers free Wi-Fi to both the faculties and the students. Classes are conducted both off- and online, with dedicated GCR spaces for each semester. Teachers take care that ICT-enabled teaching is provided as much as possible, and constant evaluation of students’ academic achievement is ensured through individual observation and regular assignments. A diversity of online and offline systems are in place and regularly updated to guarantee that materials and resources are available to each and every student. Students enjoy the freedom of contacting the faculty any time they want, and they are also encouraged to provide honest feedback to the Academic Committee on what they feel about the overall course-experience as well as attainment. We are justifiably proud of our alumni, many among whom are either pursuing higher studies or have secured professional engagement at various capacities.

Our Vision:  

To educate and enlighten the disenfranchised youth of this remote corner of the coastal region of the South 24 PGS, to ensure that they receive the sort of education which is their constitution-mandated birthright, to enable them to pursue their dreams and fulfill their ambition of becoming financially independent, thereby contributing to the society at large. 

Our Mission:

To be the best educators that we can be, so that we can reasonably expect our students to be the best of what they can be. We seek to ensure quality education which is regulated, monitored, updated, relevant, disciplined, structured and most importantly, inexpensive.

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