Rules and Regulation

1. Silence must be observed in the Library.

2. Loitering, Gossiping, Smoking and Eating in Library is strictly prohibited.

3. Users should switch off their mobile phones

4. Users are advised to avoid talking and/or discussion so as not to create disturbance to other   readers.

5. The Student, to whom the book was last issued, would be held responsible for any damage, defacement or mutilation, detected at the time of return.

6. Members are required to carry their library card while visiting Library and must show them at the   request of the Library Staff.

7. Users are requested to switch off electric fans and lights when not required in Reading Room.

8. Chairs and tables should not be misplaced from their position.

9. Mutilation of library materials and damage to library property are serious offences. The members shall be held responsible for any damage done to the documents or any other property belonging to the Library, and shall be required to replace such books/ property damaged.

10. Honours students will be issued three (3) books at a time for ten (10) days and General/pass course students be issued one (1) books at a time for 10 days.

11. All Teaching staffs and Non-Teaching Staffs will be issued Six (6) books at a time for Five (5) month.

12. Members can take 1 (one) or 1 (one) set of CDs at a time for 1 (one) day only.

13. Print Journals/ Magazines are not lent out and E-Books/ E-Journals is accessible at free of cost.

14. Late fine of Rs. 1/-(One) per day per book will be charged for books and CD’s from next day of the due date and Rs. 5 (Five) per day per document will be charged as late fine for overnight service.

15. In Case of Lost Books/ Documents, users must pay the cost of lost books with a fine of Rs.100/- or submit the same book of same edition or latest edition with a fine of Rs.100/-. In case of damage books, a fine of cost of photocopy per page including cost of binding will be charged by Library.



All the Faculties, Staff members and Students of the Institute are automatically eligible for membership of the Central Library. However, an application in prescribed form available from the Library has to be filled in to receive a ‘Library Membership Card’.

The Library Card is NON-TRANSFERABLE and the user will be held responsible for its misuse.

The loss of this card must be reported immediately.

In case of ‘Student’, an amount of Rs. 10/- (Ten) only will be charged for issuing duplicate card.

 In the case of repeated loss of Library Cards, the Library may deny the user’s access to the services of the Library.